1. Garden State (7.5/10) : Story of a regular guy who comes to visit home on his mom’s funeral.
  2. The Descent (9/10) : Thriller in the underground caves.
  3. The Descent 2 (9/10) : Thriller in the underground caves continued.
  4. Tropic Thunder (6.5/10): Comedy about a film set being real Vietnam Forest
  5. Hard Candy (9/10): Story of a Pedophile and his so secretive almost non existent lies.
  6. Executive Decision (8.5/10) : The best Airplane Hijacking Recovery I’ve ever seen.
  7. Jack Reacher (8/10) : The thing that I liked about this movie was that although the plot was not that exciting, the waiting of rolling of the camera to catch the person the other person was talking to, and the way the script was written just like, I’m sure, the book would have been written, all the facts laid up over a particular, but exact, number of pages, nothing revealed until absolutely necessary. It takes a good writer to convert a good plot into an awesome timeline, that’s what is done in the movie. I’ll admit the movie is a little stretched, with no dramatic music during the thought provoking scenes or the action scenes, but that’s exactly put right!
  8. The Brothers Grimsby (8/10): This was like the dictator, only a little less funny. But funny! If I say anything else I’d have to put spoiler alerts, but I can’t do that either, since you’ll be tempted to read the text that follows anyway. This one is a good one for laughs.
  9. The Truman Show (9/10): Nothing like this I’d seen before. Jim Carrey in a non comedy role is always intriguing and fun to watch. Wonderful concept, wonderful movie.
  10. Sold (10/10): Story of a girl tricked into prostitution, brought from Nepal to Kolkata lured into a job, and how she managed to escape but finds happiness in small things in between.
  11. Hidden Figures (10/10): Story of three black women, how their extraordinary skills in calculations, mathematics, engineering and programming, led to some of the first manned missions, and successful ones, in a society which still held black people as almost untouchables, separated their coffee mugs and machines, lavatories, and what not.
  12. The Book of Love (7.5/10): Story of loss, empathy, revival, life and happiness, a man and an orphan set out to build a raft, after the man’s wife dies in an accident.
  13. Rudy (9.5/10): I watched this movie after I read this inspiring post by a Jaipurian who works with legendary Jeff Atwood on the discourse team. I just have to say one thing after watching this movie, and I’m sure everybody who watches it would have the same to say for him/herself: I’m Rudy!
  14. Pay It Forward (9.5/10): A 7th grader, started a movement unknowingly, called Paying It Forward, as a social studies class assignment.
  15. Good Will Hunting (9/10): Story about a Genius trying to figure out stuff about the reasons he went to jail, got out on a parole, temporarily let go of a girl he loved. Story of him talking a person who made him listen. Story of him just figuring stuff out and speaking out.
  16. Dangerous Minds (9/10): Story of a high school, where there’s this program for special kids who are from poor and streets and find it hard to keep themselves motivated to graduate because there are all sort of problems in their life: bills to keep, pregnancies to take care of, enemies on the streets with guns and stuff. They are free, not controlled by any teacher that comes up to teach them, until, one day, that teacher is a Marine Lady Teacher who starts changing them by smart tactics and making them read Bob Dylan and later other poet’s poems.
  17. Dr. Strange (7/10): It wasn’t THAT good. It was just another normal awesome MARVEL movie. But I liked the concept it was built upon, of higher dimensions in existence, and how human beings are so adamant about knowing the things that they know or discover, which accounts for only a fraction of what there really is.
  18. Collateral Beauty (7/10): Staring Will Smith, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Edward Norton, Naomie Harris, Michael Pena. This is a story about a guy who with his partner runs an advertising and marketing agency. He’s so good in maintaining relationship that everything is just fine. They have new clients coming all the time, returning happy. When a tragedy happens, he retreats from his business responsibilities and starts writing letters to love, death and time cursing them, asking them questions, when something wonderful starts happening. Watch the movie to see what that wonderful is!
  19. Resident Evil: Final Chapter (8.5/10): Milla Jovovich’s final chapter of her legacy of movie series Resident Evil. Not that great a movie either in fighting, stunts, animation or storyline. But, she’s Mila Jovovich, I had to see this movie just for her. #Fanboying
  20. 20th Century Women (9/10): It was a new movie for me. A little tacit, but I liked that. It’s hard to tell what is is about, it’s not only about these 20th century women, it’s about so many people. It’s nice. It’s really nice.
  21. Paterson (2016) (10/10): For all the poets out there, the last scene of the film is worth getting to. Just watch the movie, it’s a good one. Even if you don’t read or write poetry, it’ll be a good one time movie
  22. Split (2016) (9.5/10): Thanks Bhavya! For making me see it. This is something! Based on a massive split personality disorder, this movie takes it to a whole new level, of how people ( or shall I say different people in the same body), are able to change their physical aspects just through their thoughts and beliefs.
  23. Before I Fall(2017) (8.5/10): The book on which this movie is based has been sitting in my father’s small book collection for 10 - 12 years, maybe more. I didn’t read it, watched the movie instead. Good movie.
  24. The Last Word (2017) (7.5/10): I love Amanda Seyfriend. Period. No but the movie was based on a very interesting theme. Our existence in the world, our purposes, why we are here for, death. I cried in the end. Everything scene seemed a real probably moment in somebody’s life, and not something hyped with background music in a hollywoord movie. Good Movie.
  25. Brain on Fire (8/10) Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, at the beginning of the movie, I thought it was either going to turn towards a thriller (I do not see genre and plot/summary of movie before I see one), or it’s going to be a message film on mental health issues. Turned out, it was none, well sort of. Good one time watch. Good movie.
  26. The Family Man (5.5/10): A little cliched plot. Good one time watch though.