I’m Arihant I live in Bengaluru the present, making efforts to build something that people use and get benefitted from. I write and read crazy (and crazily) (both code and poetry). I’m a basketball fanatic and a meditator. I ❤ meeting new people and learning from and listening to them. Beyond time and space is the self and its unborn and undying stories, और मन तो बावरा है, कुछ भी बोलता है. I write letters to people, strangers and I’ve actually been able to continue writing to some of them who reply regularly! If you are game, please write to me! My address could be asked for! Also, I’m in ❤ with Sarah Kay, inspired by her. Her presence makes me smile like I was a fairy tale.

I’m on

This is a cartoon that I doodled on the phone 3 years ago. This is who I am now (¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

This is what gdad-s-river looks like on the web