Since I’m unemployed, and trying to contribute to open source (and a LOT of other stuff), I wanted to make some money meanwhile (its going to be a significant part of while). I didn’t have many options. I had written a couple of not so very good articles on Fossbytes during my final year {they now have a recently launced Android App} when its co founders: Arpit and Adarsh Verma, brave enough to venture on their own, started the website as a mere simple looking blog, then.

It’s been more than 2 years, and these people have worked their bodies and minds off, to achieve what they wanted, they are 3+ million hits / month, getting paid out of their baby well.

I reached out to them to tell them my situation. Like always they welcomed me like they always have. This time, I actually had something meaningful to write, thanks to my 1.5 years of first job at Sapient Nitro.

The conversation for the money was really awkward for me, I didn’t want to just say out how much I wanted to write, even after being asked. I didn’t know how much, hence I committed one article per day and have been able to do so for a week. Today is particularly lazy, but I’m going to change that in the evening. Let’s see how much I can write and sustain myself out of the money that I get out of it.

To be honest, the money is not actually and honestly needed as such since I’m living with my mother and she has a good teaching job, but then there are lots of struggle with it and the family things are going on + I’m 22 it was feeling very off to me to not be earning anymore all of a sudden, howsoever incredulous it may sound to some employed people.

Here are all the articles I have written on fossbytes. I encourage you to read them if they are related to what you do, or are interested in. Fossbytes covers hacking and linux news, and other development and launch stories from all around the world, and more!