The following script automates this, namely aliasing the weird unique identifier number in the free domain link that now gives you.

in your package.json

"scripts": {
   "removeweirdno": "./gscripts/nowalias.js"
"bin": {
  "nowalias": "bin/gscripts/nowalias.js"
"devDependencies": {
  "copy-paste": "<your version>",
  "shelljs": "<your version>",
  "chalk": "<your version>"

gscripts is a folder that I made for convenience. Basically nowalias.js can be anywhere you want to keep.

if this bin thingy doesn’t help you run yarn removeweirdno or npm run removeweirdno then make your script executable manually (which is not a good idea for class platform project sharing, but okay, it can be given in the instructions), like so:

chmod u+x ./gscripts/nowalias.js

Now in the actual nowalias.js

#!/usr/bin/env node

const clipboard = require("copy-paste");
const shell = require("shelljs");
const chalk = require("chalk");

const copied = clipboard.paste();

if (!copied.includes("")) {
  throw new Error("fish! clipboard doesn't contain a link!"));

const command = `now alias ${copied} poetry-editor`;


What’s happening?

copy-paste is a wrapper over cross platform system level clipboard utilities. We need this because as soon as you run now --name <your project name> it copies the link with the unique identifier. So for my project poetry-editor when I deploy with now, I get something like, which gets copied in the clipboard. But I’d want it to be aliased to

The alias capability let us do something like

now alias poetry-editor

which now aliases this ugly link to the prettier But putting that unique identifier link into this command would otherwise be manual.

We use copy-paste clipboard utility to access the copied ugly link and use shelljs to run the unix command (now alias ...) inside our nowalias.js file and voila! It happens automatically. If clipboard doesn’t contain link, it throws and error and exits.

See the code again it’ll make more sense.