In an earlier post, I had read and then talked about / given references about how one can use javascript modules to enable private methods in javascript class definitions (the need being that since every method on a class goes into the prototype of that class instantiated object, one doesn’t really have room for native javascript private method support, something that closures give us). Also in the same post, I had shared links which talked about using WeakMaps to enable private properties in the class, without any memory leak possibilities with using normal primmitives or objects being used (even Symbols) [why is this such I’m yet to properly read and discover and will cover it in a future post]. It’s probably because objects and [I don’t know about symbols] can be held references of and hence could lead to leaky usage. Whereas WeakMaps are instantly garbage collected whenever their mapped object to values are deleted, say inside a javascript class used as a private variable, as explained here. Turns out there is an ecmascript proposal for native javascript ways to do these.

You can read the proposal here